Luke “Coach” Walton and Jonathan “Analyst” Gillie assess the Lakers without AD, the NBA’s All Star plans, whether size matters, and put some team stats into perspective.

Luke "Coach" Walton and Jonathan "Analyst" Gillie discuss the Lakers' best (and worst) lineups, THT's ascendance, and how Courtside Karen and the Cavs front office might propel LeBron to his 5th MVP season.

January 17, 2021

The Lakers Look DOMINANT

The Lake Show obliterates our too-early season projections, skyrocketing to the #1 defense and #5 offense, with Carus-GOAT shooting almost 60% from 3.

Luke "Coach" Walton and Jonathan "Analyst" Gillie discuss the emergence of the new team identity, James Harden's trade to the Nets (and sudden weight loss?!), the forgotten purple jersey and more, in this early season recap. 

Luke "Coach" Walton and Jonathan "Analyst" Gillie dig into the first five games of the season and make some bold predictions for what's to come. Also covered: what are LeBron's ankles are made of (Adamantium or Vibranium?), and why do the Lakers have a NEGATIVE NET RATING with LeBron on the court?

Luke "Coach" Walton and Jonathan "Analyst" Gillie discuss the emergence of THT, AD's continued advance to GOAT-dom, Kuz' contract extension, Marc Gasol's passing, line-up considerations, the value of experience, the new LAL jerseys, and more, in this look-ahead pod kicking off the regular season.

Luke "Coach" Walton and Jonathan "Analyst" Gillie breakdown the recent free agency signings, trades and roster improvement that Rob Pelinka and company have pulled off. Shortly before recording, the news of Markieff Morris' retention was reported (!!!)

We dig into potential ways that this roster construction builds on some of the Lakers' past strengths and creates new ones, as well as some of the (minor) weaknesses they may have created in the process.

Welcome to the squad, Dennis Schröder, Marc Gasol, Wesley Matthews, Montrezl Harrel, Alfonzo McKinnie and Jordan Bell! And welcome back KCP and Markieff Morris!

Join Luke "Coach" Walton and Jonathan "Analyst" Gillie as we celebrate the 2020 NBA Champions: Your LA Lakers! We'll cover Finals MVP LeBron James, Anthony Davis, the front office and the history of this epic team. We're going to Disney World!

The Lake Show kicks into another gear. Jonathan "Analyst" Gille and Luke "Coach" Walton discuss the Final MVP race, what the Heat can do to try to match up, breakdown how the Lakers have found such dominance, and recap some of the great storylines from this year. Job not done!

Jonathan "Analyst" Gillie and Luke "Coach" Walton break down the Finals match up against the Heat and Lakers, and look back at the Nuggets and the five-five-five playoffs, as well as the crazy year that's led up to this point. We make our predictions in "Coach's Corner" and call ourselves out (and pat ourselves on the back) for our predictions in the season preview pod. Job not done.

September 22, 2020

AD Was Made for This

The Lakers go up 2-0 in the Western Conference Finals on a legacy-defining shot by Anthony Davis. Join Luke "Coach" Walton and Jonathan "Analyst" Gillie for an in-depth breakdown of his incredible playoff run and what the Lakers need to look out for moving forward. Talen Horton-Tucker loves orange juice.

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